Transportation & Trucking

With decades of experience, the Frilot Transportation group brings its pragmatic background to the defense of trucking companies and their insurers. The leaders of our group are a former claims professional and a veteran trucking attorney who offer real-world solutions for both “everyday” claims and catastrophic exposures faced by trucking defendants. We are committed to “looking over the horizon” and providing an early case evaluation, a proactive defense strategy, and solid recommendations for motion practice, resolution, or trial, depending upon the best approach for each case. 

Increasing regulation, high operational costs and an aggressive plaintiffs’ bar make the economies of litigation ever more challenging for our clients. Our team will assist you with timely advice and communications in every facet of the claims handling and litigation process, including budgeting and cost control, while aggressively defending your company. 

In the event of a catastrophic loss, our 24/7 response team helps ensure that key evidence is secured and a comprehensive, full-scale investigation is well underway before your driver and equipment leave the scene. In the initial investigation of a catastrophic accident, we evaluate fact, legal and forensic issues with a select team of accident reconstruction experts, field adjusters and investigators to identify the issues, secure the evidence and work toward a successful and early resolution. 

Our group’s litigation experience in trucking matters is diverse, including: 

  • proof of litigation fraud by a plaintiff with over 50 prior “fake” BI claims;

  • judgments enforcing forum selection and arbitration clauses in owner-operator contracts;

  • summary dismissal of BI cases for failure of plaintiff to prove medical causation;

  • provision of “second opinions” on excess exposure for potential bad faith failure to settle cases within policy limits; and

  • litigation of truck collision cases involving slow-moving trucks on the interstate rear-ended by our clients who bore one-third fault, motorcyclists that pass our client’s trucks on the right during a right-hand turn by the truck, visual-acuity claims by plaintiffs who hit our client’s rigs in plain view, and presentation of highly-technical minimal impact defenses to serious personal injury claims by plaintiffs.



W. Jacob Gardner, Jr.

Carl E. Hellmers III

Elliot M. Lonker

Dylan D. Lynch

Brooke A. Riggs

Timothy P. Robinson

Campbell E. Wallace