Medical Malpractice & Healthcare

The Medical Malpractice & Healthcare Litigation Practice Group at Frilot LLC is one of the firm’s largest sections and handles nearly every aspect of medical malpractice and healthcare litigation. From the preliminary evaluation of a catastrophic event or adverse incident through litigation and trial, we stand with our health care clients through every step of the process.

Each healthcare matter is different, and we approach every case as a collaborative endeavor between our team and our clients.  We consider the litigation process as a partnership with our clients, and we work closely with them to develop unique, compelling medical and legal defenses.  Our knowledge and litigation background are particularly valuable to clients needing experienced, cost-efficient advice, and our blueprint for success comes through an early focus on the evaluation and targeting of problem cases for resolution while taking the difficult, but defensible, cases to trial. 

Because of our wealth of experience and the strength of our team, we have successfully defended some the most complex medical cases, including mass tort, class actions and corporate healthcare matters.  At the same time, our team has the depth to efficiently and effectively manage the large volume of cases unique to the arena of medical malpractice and healthcare defense.

We assist local, state and national clients with malpractice and healthcare litigation covering the gamut of healthcare exposures and specialties, including:

  • Doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners and allied healthcare professionals

  • National, regional and rural hospital systems

  • Long-term extended care facilities and nursing homes

  • Urgent care clinics and home health agencies

  • Universities and teaching institutions

  • Louisiana Patient’s Compensation Fund

  • Jails and correctional facilities

Our healthcare services extend beyond litigation and include healthcare transactional and contractual negotiations for matters that include:

  • Physician/physician assistant employment agreements

  • Physician buy-in to medical practice

  • Mergers of medical practices

  • Creating/forming LLCs or corporations, including physician and group practices

In addition to our malpractice and transactional services, our team also provides periodic assistance in administrative actions such as:

  • Licensing board actions/ review

  • Credentialing/peer review actions

  • Fair hearings related to internal facility credentialing


Angela M. Bowlin
Halley Carter
John B. Cazale
Nairda T. Colón (Lesa)
Carl E. Hellmers III
Valerie E. Fontenot
A.J. Krouse
Rodney A. 'Rocky' Seydel Jr.
Brittany K. Sloan
Peter E. Sperling
D. Burke Stough
James P. Waldron