Why Frilot LLC

We have the most qualified, respected and experienced attorneys found anywhere. Frilot offers a culture and environment in which everyone can thrive and build a successful career. 

Frilot is comprised of driven and dynamic individuals who work hard and enjoy what they do. Doors are open; first names are used. Everyone from the senior-most partner to the newest associate contributes to the success of the firm and rolls up their sleeves to get the job done. We share a strong work ethic and a passion for the law.

We are proud of the clients we serve, many who are at the forefront of their industries. Frilot LLC represents clients across the nation, including Fortune 500 corporations, mid-size companies, new companies and individuals spanning many industries including manufacturing, health care, financial services, construction, energy and transportation.

What We Offer

We offer our clients a range of legal specialties. Our breadth of practice areas and diverse client base not only provide stability to the firm, but give both summer associates and young associates greater freedom to gain experience in many areas of law and to understand multiple facets of a clients issues.

Learning by Doing

We give associates opportunities to be at the front-line of activity in the practice law. Providing associates with significant insight and responsibility into a clients issues not only prompts professional development and creativity but also inspires confidence.

We honor and value individuality, personal initiative and teamwork. Our attorneys bring different backgrounds, skills and expertise to the firm and to their work. This wealth of personalities and perspectives promotes creative thinking in finding the best solutions to clients problems. We work collaboratively as a team and treat each other with respect, trust and dignity.

We welcome new talent as we continually strive to strengthen the firm. If you believe Frilot LLC is a place where you could realize your fullest potential, we encourage you to contact us at recruiting@ Frilot.com.