Summer Associates and The Summer Program



As a summer associate, I was provided with invaluable insight into the dynamics of the legal profession which law school tends to shy away from teaching its students. Those summers as an associate provided me with key tools necessary to shape my career goals. Specifically, the firm allows you the opportunity as a summer associate to work with lawyers in a variety of practice areas so that you can make the decision as to which area you may or may not want to focus your professional career upon.

James P. Waldron

Summer Associate, 2002
Frilot L.L.C. is truly a distinctive firm. From the start of the summer program, it was apparent to me that this was the place I wanted to work and build a successful career. I saw that the firm was made up of dynamic individuals who really enjoyed their work. I realized that I would have the opportunity to rapidly advance based on my own skills and initiative. Here, compensation is performance-based and hard work is rewarded.

Danica Benbow

Summer Associate, 2000